Kunsthaus Bregenz – Peter Zumthor

Kunsthaus Bregenz – Peter Zumthor

Minimalist Peter Zumthor designed the Kunsthaus Bregenz, a museum in Bregenz, Austria. The architectural design contributes to the space of the museum’s art exhibits. It connects the diversity in the art of the museum to the building’s design. The Kunstahaus Bregenz is made of glass, steel, and concrete. It is located by a lake, which shows a reflection of the water, as well as the sky, on the building’s glass exterior. Zumthor suggests this makes the structure look like a lamp, as it absorbs all the light and color during the daytime.

Side View of the Kunthaus Bregenz


Lighted up at night – Kunsthaus Bregenz

From the interior, the light is then casted through the gallery spaces. This helps showcase the art in the exhibits with proper light and contributes to the space around. The simple use of the concrete on the inside also brings more exposure to the displayed works of the museum.

Interior of the Kunsthaus Bregenz

I really enjoyed how simple and clean both exterior and interior design of how the Kunsthaus Bregenz looks. It truly showcases his style of minimalistic by using just glass, concrete, and steel to compose it.

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