Kolumba Museum – Peter Zumthor

Kolumba Museum – Peter Zumthor

The Kolumba Museum is another work of Peter Zumthor that showcases a minimalistic style with the materials he used. The museum is established on the site of historical churches from the Roman, Gothic, and medieval periods. Zumthor uses gray bricks that were left over from these churches to construct the building. Pieces from the Gothic church, stones from the Roman and medieval periods were all used as well as fragments from “Madonna in the Ruins” Chapel.

Inside the Kolumba Museum

I think Zumthor’s design plays out really well. He mixes the different types of bricks and material to create contrast and texture. Certain parts of the brick wall allows light to fill specific spaces of the museum. The exterior of the building makes it mysterious with the arched windows.

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  1. Karie dyer says:

    I love the combination of materials, great choice!

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