Kirk in the Hills

I am a big fan of Gothic style Architecture so I had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful church in Bloomfield Hills, MI, . The Kirk in the Hills was based off of a 13th century church called the Melrose Abbey in Scotland. It was issued to be made by George Foundation who was headed by Edwin. S George. He was also responsible for the 40 acres that the church sits on. It first started off as design by architect Wirt Rowland but passed away before it was able set to be built. They then brought in Architecture George D. Mason who completely re-designed Rowland’s designs into what was then built. Even though it is less than a 100 years old it felt like it was much older capturing the high ceilings and the overly detailed walls and windows of a true Gothic church. If you ever go to Detroit I highly recommend viewing it.

kirk on the hillsKirkInterior


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