Kaui, Hawaii

My family and I visited Kaui. The resort we stayed in was beautiful. They ranged up to four stories. How it was laid out was absolutely breathtaking. They had multiple pools all around the hotel. On the outside, all the room’s balconies were facing the beach front. They were all white. On the inside, the lobby had a huge opening showing the beach front along with the pools. This one particularly positively influenced me because with the mountains and Hawaii’s old traditions, it really captivated Hawaii and what its culture was all about.

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2 Responses

  1. Wow it does look very beautiful. I would love to go to Hawaii someday when I can save up the money to really enjoy the trip. I’ve heard its very expensive, but totally worth it for the views and all that Hawaii has to offer.

  2. Kuai is one of two Hawaiian islands that I have been to. The resort you stayed at looks nice, but I got to say, why focus on a nice pool when you can enjoy the beach!

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