Jubilee Church

Jubilee Church is just one of many buildings designed by architect Richard Meier. it is an extremely unique-looking building. It is located right outside of Rome, Italy. The structure is divided in three parts. The first part divides the sacred south from the secular north, the second part separates the approach on foot from the housing in the east, and the third part separates the approach on foot from the parking lot in the west. The structure is based on a series of squares and four circles. Three circles create three concrete shells, which represent the Holy Trinity. The materials used allude to the body of Christ’s church, while also reflecting materials of the residential area surrounding the church. Skylights are located at the top, creating constant light and shadows within the building.


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  1. Audie Hamon says:

    I love the lines on this building. It really makes the eye really look at the details.

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