John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

In my opinion this is one of the most influential buildings that my “Starchitectect” IM Pei has created. He has made better looking buildings but this one seems to have made a big impact in the United States. This was mostly do to its attribute to our 35th President John F. Kennedy. A year after his assassination I.M. Pei was announced by the Kennedy family to be the architect of the Library. This was mostly due to Mrs.Kennedy’s personal connection with Pei and mentioned the choice as “an emotional decision.”  It sits on Columbia Point in Boston, Massachusetts, next to the University of Massachusetts Boston. It is a great looking building, looking like it brings two different structures with a large glass structure protruding off of a slanted triangular block, its very unique and shows Pei’s abilities very well.


jfk-library_event_venue    39307629

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