John F. Kennedy Federal Building

The John F. Kennedy Federal Building located in Boston, Massachusetts and completed construction in 1966. Walter Gropius designed the modern styled government building. The structure consists of two 26 story buildings. I think it fits with the 1960’s modern style with rounded corners instead of harsh 90 degree edges. by having two towers side by side, it increased the number of offices in the space that were lit by natural light. The two towers that stand together are connected to a four story building with a similar design by a glass walkway. The amount of natural light that is let into the space speaks to Walter Gropius’s architecture and the amount of windows he added into his designs. I like this building because of its differentiation from other monotonous commercial or governmental building. 2006_JFKennedy_FederalBuilding_Boston_byHighsmith_LC_01578v

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