Jesuit College Preparatory School

The campus of Jesuit, where I went to high school, will always have a special feeling for me. When I get onto the campus, I feel like I am in a welcoming place. Many new features have been added onto the campus over the years such as renovating the football field and building a new weight room. The weight room is on the third floor and has many windows overlooking the football field. And rest of the campus. It is a very cool room and it makes it a pleasure to exercise up there. The Terry Center is a building where the whole student body gathers for prayer services and other functions. The room is fixed to have good sound quality and has many windows in the back also overlooking the football field. The “Senior Courtyard” is a small courtyard surrounded by different buildings. It leads into the cafeteria and is a place where only seniors can go to hang out. The renovated library is state of the art and provides a good environment to study in. All of the pieces of the Jesuit campus combine to make a place where I feel welcomed and at home. It is a place filled with great memories and I will always enjoy going back.


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