Jeddah Tower – Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill


This is Jeddah Tower which was designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill and is expected to be completed in Saudi Arabia in 2020. If completed as designed it will be taller than the Burj Khalifa which also happens to be designed by Adrian Smith. The Jeddah Tower is an elegant piece which has been designed to be efficient when faced with environmental factors such as wind and energy efficiency. The tower has been designed to cut down energy use by including walls that reduce thermal load on the building. If completed as planned the tower will also become home to the world’s largest observatory and it will also house office spaces, luxury apartments, and a luxury hotel.

Personally, I hope that this tower is completed as planned. It seems to be an incredible architectural feat and I would love to have the opportunity to potentially visit it someday, or at least see pictures of the finished product.

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