House On Fire (Swaziland)

House on fire (HOF) was more than just a building, literally and figuratively. Home to one of the top 10 Art festivals in Africa, it has become one of the most prominent cultural and art centers in the continent. What I love about HOF’s design is that it is very organic and creative. The buildings that make up what has become more of a space than a structure include local material and designs from local artists. It reminds me of a campus of sorts because the buildings may be different but they end up just blending into each other because they ‘work’ toward the same goal. I grew up visiting HOF for the festivals, parties and plays and each time I would go there it may have been decorated differently but it still exuded the same warm aura. It is one of the few homes of art in Swaziland and its design does not fail to reflect that.

Concert pic


house-on-fire-sm HOF interior





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