Hilton Anatole

The Hilton Anatole is a hotel located in Dallas, TX. It is an incredibly large structure set on a massive green plot. From the exterior, the Anatole looks like a hotel you would find in Gotham or a sitcom. However, once inside, the astounding views leave no question of how the Anatole got its stars.

Approaching the Anatole during the heat of a Texas summer last year, all I saw was a place in which I hoped there was air conditioning. The initial entrance was impressive in scale and quality of materials. Once everything was settled, I took time to tour around the hotel, which was when I noticed the outstanding design. The high alcoves gave place to a giant, light up, constantly moving sculpture. instead of hallways, the lower portion of the hotel had balconies.

Up in the tower, wide hallways, plush carpets, and heavy doors gave way to wall-length windows and stunning views. The really interesting transition was making my way into the ballroom and conference center. My trip to the Anatole was punctuated by a computer gaming convention, so the expensive chandeliers and draping curtains were met with glowing keyboards and crushed up energy drink cans.

The imposing view and expensive materials were an entertaining contrast with broke college kids and middle aged men. The quality and extravagance of the design served as a constant reminder that although it was a nerd convention, this was an establishment to be treated with respect and care, if for no other reason than to avoid upsetting the high class guests.

Anatole Exterior

Anatole Interior

Anatole Ballroom

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