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We are maufacturer of Harmonic Filters for all industries including utilities, building and commercial segments. We have set industry standards by Super Tuning that act as Electrical Fly Wheel, Mitigate Power Surge and Solve Equipment Failure & Trip due to Voltage Sag. Aiming right at the melting pot we suppress harmonic distortion where it is at maximum. We achieve the highest harmonic mitigation efficiency among peers that eliminates tripping and failures with your plant and machinery due to excessive harmonic distortions, and voltage fluctuation/ sag which may originate from the external grid/ utility /IPP or within the internal electrical power system.  

With Encon, you are 100% certain about the success of your plant’s power quality solution project. Followings are example of diverse power quality problem those we resolve routinely by appropriately tuning our harmonic filters. Power quality resonance and common mode voltage (CMV) problems are unique. We frequently encounter fresh problem and new challenges from industries. Over the past 25 years, our 350 plus corporate clients, have relied on our comprehensive power quality solutions. Over 85% of our clients implement it repeatedly across their plant locations and also with new project from the drawing-board stage. 

In this blog we shall discuss about the application and benefits of custom built harmonic filter manufacturing for a steel rolling mill application.

Harmonic Filter for Energy Efficient Manufacturing

This Rolling Mill derived multitude betterments; solved waviness in sheet metal got rid of dc drive failures and achieved energy saving by installing harmonic filter. Waviness relates to widely placed variations in the surface texture a key quality parameter of the final sheet metal product. Mill operators reported reduced humming noise with the harmonic filtering, which was due to high-frequency harmonic currents. Harmonic reduction optimized rolling mill operation and facilitated the elimination of the coil defect, which used to cause waviness during the milling process more so with lower gauge copper sheets.

Rolling Mill optimization

Harmonic Filter slashes energy cost and equipment footprint in rolling mill. It reduces harmonic that it generates at regeneration & improves Distortion PF. This Metal Factory in India manufactures coils, sheets and plates of copper and bronze for industrial application. It has 2nos Induction Furnaces that melt copper and zinc bar to produce copper and bronze slab. The slabs are then rolled in Hot Rolled Mill (HRM) to produce intermediary hot rolled copper and bronze coil. The coils are further rolled in the Cold Rolled Mill (CRM) to manufacture the final product of Copper and Bronze Coils of required thickness as per the client’s specification. The factory has implemented an Energy Saving project by installing 2nos harmonic filter at the CRM dc drive during the year 2007.  

The purpose of this performance test is to verify the real Energy Saving (in kWh tern) achieved through harmonic filtering. For that purpose It has installed 2nos 575 volts harmonic filter across its 12-pulse rolling mill DC Drives. However, as a matter of abundant caution, it is clarified that the actual energy savings ought to be seen through an installed and calibrated energy meter at the 11kV primary side of the 4.0MVA CRM transformer for a prolonged duration of time. The 4MVA transformer represents the sum total energy consumption for this rolling mill (CRM). Read our case studies on the webpage Harmonic Filter Manufacturer.

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