Griffith Park Railroad

The Griffith Park Railroad was a project taken on by the Eameses. This project was a minature railroad attraction built in Los Angeles, California in 1957. This project took on a special meaning to Charles because he had a fascination with trains since he was a child. The Eamses designed everything for this miniature train station. The design was inspired from Victorian railway architecture. Within the train ride the Eameses also constructed many props such as water towers, sheds, and other props that were proportional to the train size. Today the Griffith park railroad is still open and attraction that is visited by people from all over the world. Ever since opening day this exhibit has ran continuously. Currently the track is 1 mile long and the trains in use, although not the same ones, are very similar to the orginal ones built by the Eameses. I think that it is cool the the Eameses took time to construct something that is mainly built for children, and to build it so well that still today the site is a major attraction in Los Angeles. griffith park railroad

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