Greene & Greene – The Carmel

The Carmel

The Carmel

Possibly the most elegant of all earl 20th century architectural studios is The Carmel. Built in 1916 the office of the Greene Brothers architectural firm Greene & Greene had to show off their extraordinary artistic abilities to potential clients. Using recycled brick laid in a checkerboard pattern along with the Spanish tile roof gives this structure its famous appearance. Equally as extraordinary as the structure is the piece of land it sits on, which is a pristine and unmolested wooded ocean front plot located in beautiful Southern California. Rumor has it that the majority of the building materials were donated as gifts by suppliers who Greene & Greene had used extensively in past projects. The material donations allowed the Greeneā€™s to have the best of the best and pay nothing for it, quite a double-win in my book.

The structure served as Greene & Greene company headquarters but by the time they were fully moved in real estate money in California was drying up. Not fazed by the market the brothers lived in the structure and carried out their lives as artists and sun junkies.

Morgan Mays

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