Gold Dome

The Golden Dome in Oklahoma City at night

The Golden Dome in Oklahoma City, located on the corner of 23rd and Classen. The dome was built in 1958, has a geodesic design, and is a landmark of Route 66. It was originally supposed to be a bank, but it continually closes under different owners. It seems like this building is cursed because no one has been able to revive it. It sits empty on the corner street, but it is unique compared to the other buildings in the area. It stands out against the normal strip malls.

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3 Responses

  1. Karie dyer says:

    I can see why you picked the gold dome, its a great building. I love that area of NW OKC because its easy to spot the era of development (late 50’s-60’s).

  2. Sara Smith says:

    Every time I drive by this building I see that it sits empty and always wondered what its original purpose was! I am glad to now know that it was supposed to be a bank, I would not have ever guessed so.

  3. Karisa says:

    I love this building! I catch myself admiring it every time I drive by it. I love the background you gave on it! I did not know that it used to be a bank and I also did not know that it has passed through multiple owners! Very interesting!

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