Glasgow School of Art – Charles Mackintosh


The Glasgow School of Art is a masterpiece of Charles Mackintosh built between 1897 and 1909. GSA is the only self-governing public art school covering university level programs in art, design, and research in architecture in Scotland. Originally known as the Glasgow Government School of Design, the name of the facility was change to Glasgow School of Art in 1853. Charles Rennie Mackintosh was later chosen to develop the main school building. Actually while the renovations were rolling Mackintosh took time away to look at other improvements to the school both to his current design and other little changes to produce a better environment for learning. 100 year have passed and the school is still running and fulfilling it’s intended purpose. I can tell how important art was in Mackintosh’s life and how much he took into account when he was designing the new floor plans for GSA. There are windows all around and perfect for capturing natural sun light. Along with that there are balconies and different levels through out to get different vantage points and different views.

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