Gittinger Hall

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Gittinger Hall was the first building I had a class in here at OU. The building was built in 1952 in honor of Roy Gittinger, who was on staff at OU and filled almost every important administrative position at the Univeristy, including Dean of Administrations and Dean of Admissions. I’m a transfer student from Rose State, and so I had experienced college before coming to OU, which made the experience less intimidating. However, it is always an unnerving feeling when beginning a new school. My first class in here was Spanish, a class I struggled in. Yet, I enjoyed my time in this building, more than I thought, and I still do. As an English major, I spend most of my time in this building, and it’s special to me because of that. The teachers and classes I’ve had in this building have been some of my favorites. I enjoy the atmosphere inside the building. I was sad to hear that it will be torn down come I believe the summer and rebuilt. It has stood for over 60 years on this campus, and even though it will be rebuilt, “better than ever” I’m told, the building I walked into my first class in will always be important to me.

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