Frontline Church

Frontline Stairs  Frontline Corner

Frontline Dome

Frontline Church is located in Midtown, an area within Oklahoma City, on the corner of 10th and Robinson. Although Frontline itself is only a little over a decade old, the beautiful building in which it is housed has been around for over a century.

The first time I visited Frontline was around a year ago. I was immediately overwhelmed by the size and beauty of the structure. After venturing up the stone steps and through the doors, I was met with plush carpet, dark wood, and hundreds of stained glass windows full of sunshine.

Years ago, when the building was designed as a church, the idea was to create a holy and reverent feel for all those who enter it to worship. It is still accomplishing its goal, stunning all visitors into silence and awe.

A year later, I still attend this church, and have spent much more time exploring the details of its beautiful architecture. A trip to visit with a friend yielded the sight of beautiful arch-shaped doors. A quick change into scrubs before heading to class uncovered exposed brick walls contrasting with chandeliers. It is a stunning building that constantly blows me away, which is a perfect reflection of the people and the purpose of those who work within it.

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