Forum Shops at Caesars

Fourm Shops

Forum Shops at Caesars

When I was in Las Vegas last March I was looking for place to park some money besides the craps table, the best place I found besides the pool party was the mall inside Caesars Palace casino. Located on the strip this wonderland of shopping was constructed to give guest something to do besides gamble. The mall is built in the Roman/Greek architecture that surrounds the entire property, and includes plenty of columns and grand staircases thorough out the structure.

Whenever I think of the building I distinctively recall the dry and hot Las Vegas day in which I stumbled into the ice cold air conditioning of the Forum Shops. I entered the building and was instantly amazed by the scale of the architecture, the entry had three stories of grand stone staircases which lead into long narrow corridors of name brand shops and restaurants. The building affected myself by the immense and grand scale of every aspect of the structure. I was told that in Las Vegas construction crews get 350+ days of workable weather each year which allows such enormous projects to take place. Looking back on the building I appreciate the amount of detail placed into the design and construction of the mall as it left quiet the impression on myself.

Morgan Mays

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