Eames House

The Eames House was constructed by Charles and Ray Eames, it served as their home and studio for design. The house built on land that Will Rogers once owned. The house has a very simple design and almost looks like the tiny houses that people are building today. This concept of building a tiny home today isn’t much different than the concept that went into this house. The Eames house was part of a project called Case Study Homes. The construction of these homes were done by many famous architects with one similar goal; to build inexpensive, efficient homes. This trend started at the end of WWII which came with the returning home of millions of soldiers. There was 25 Case Studies Homes built and the Eames house is considered the best. The Eames house has panels that are varied in color and follow a geometric pattern. I think the the neatest part of this construction project was that Charles and Ray Eames lived in this house until their death.



Eames house

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