Devon Tower


Devon Tower

Oklahoma’s tallest skyscraper was completed in 2012 and was constructed by oil and natural gas giant Devon Energy. The 50 story tower includes multiple restaurants, a coffee shop, and plenty of office space for the company’s large workforce. My experience with the building was a celebration party held at the Vast restaurant located on the 46th floor of the tower. Arriving in the entirely marble lobby I was greeted by a young lady who instructed my party to take the elevator up to floor 46. Doors opening within seconds the luxurious elevator climbed up 500 feet in no time and reviled to best view in Oklahoma. It was Christmas time and downtown Oklahoma City was glimmering with colorful lights and massive decorations. The waiter sat us at our table which faced east and in the distant background lied the outline of the Sarkeys Energy Center, separated by two entire cities our group was amazed that we could see the campus we called home.

What left a major impression was the modern ascetics incorporated in the design that allow an enormous amount of light to transmit though the entire structure, being the tallest building around there is no encumbrance of views and guest of the structure can see from Guthrie to Norman, which when experienced is quite the amazing feat. I will never forget visiting Oklahoma first super skyscraper especially when it was the only one in the area.


Morgan Mays

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