Devon Boathouse OKC


The Devon Boat house is a 33,000 s.q. located on the Oklahoma river just south of downtown OKC. The boathouse is home to Oklahoma City University’s rowing and canoe/kayak teams and OKC National High Performance Center programs. All of the buildings public space is open to the public, it can be rented out for parties, meetings, etc.. The building its self is very modern, and definitely stands out along the shore of the river. I have been to several events at the boathouse, each time I am amazed by the clean lines and contemporary look. The triangle theme is throughout the building, it looks and feels kind of like a spaceship.




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3 Responses

  1. Karie dyer says:

    I can see why you blogged about the boathouse, its a great building! I attended a wedding here and its a really interesting space.

  2. It’s such a crazy design and the exterior looks so confusing but the space that is inside in incredible. Its such a cool environment and the training centers associated with the boat house are so advanced and technically elevated from all other facilities in the surrounding area. It is somewhere I tell friends to go and try getting a tour of all the time.

  3. Audie Hamon says:

    What are some things that you can do up there? I’ve been wanting to go, but didn’t know much about it.

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