Coophimmelblau: Silk Leaf Stadium

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This stadium, the Silk Leaf Stadium, is located in Tokyo, Japan and has a futuristic look, while integrating some tradition and heritage from the early Japanese people. The roof does not completely cover the whole stadium and it is connected to the ground at only 4 points. It sort of has a visual appearance of someone placing or draping silk on top of the stadium that has innovative new architectural designs. In this “roof,” there are small openings to allow sunlight to pass through. These openings are triangles, which were determined to be the best shape to pass sunlight through the roof. This roof also has a retractable portion that is protect the players and fans from the elements. This stadium can hold up to 80,000 people and can be used for other events, such as concerts. This futuristic stadium might lead the way for similar looking stadiums to be built in the near future around the world.

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