Coophimmelblau: Martin Luther Church


This church was completed in 2011 in Hainburg, Austria. This building has a unique design future, where the roof is like a table, resting on four steel beams near each corner. Another unique design feature are the skylights that sort of look like whirlpools. I have never seen a roof or skylights like these modern and innovative looking skylights. Due to this unique roof, much of the light inside this church is from the natural light entering in through the windows and skylights. The entire exterior walls of this church were designed using 3-D technology and all these panels are different shapes or include different waves than the one next to it. In addition, the unique bell tower stands 20 meters tall and is only supported by the concrete on the ground or on the base. This bell tower is mostly self-supported and is only horizontally braced. This church is very unique and different than the traditional architecture used on most other churches throughout the world.

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