Coophimmelblau: Hotel and Luxury Residences in Tbilisi, Georgia

Hotel and Luxury Coop 1

This building is located in Tbilisi, Georgia and is really two buildings in one. One building is used as a hotel, while the other is used as an apartment building. This building stands 248 meters in the air and has 68 floors. The interesting structure connecting the two buildings houses all the amenities offered by this luxury hotel/apartment building. Such amenities include, a spa, pool, restaurants, nightclubs, and many other amenities. The taller structure on the left is the apartment building, while the shorter structure on the right is the hotel. The majority of the hotel rooms and apartments offer beautiful views, and in some places, one could see in almost all directions. The façades of these structures are rotated slightly diagonally, so that the façades do not oppose each other, but rather, flow together, creating a unique and cool appearance from the outside. The balconies for each of the rooms in the apartment and hotel buildings are adjusted and different due to the angle of the sun on the building. Coophimmelblau tried to maximize on the views, by only using the minimal amount of load-bearing walls, which also increased the openness of the buildings. This complex is very unique and futuristic, which are two aspects that Coophimmelblau try to maximize and utilize in all their structures.

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