Coophimmelblau: Busan Cinema Center

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This 150 million dollar cinema center is located in Busan, South Korea and has several cinemas inside the center, and even has a 4,000 seat outdoor cinema. The concept of this project was to overlap and integrate open spaces with the closed spaces, as well as the public areas with the private areas. This center hosts many different international film festivals and offers a unique take and combination of culture, technology, entertainment and obviously architecture. This is a very flexible building, as it can host more than just film festivals. This center could host concerts, orchestras, live shows, and more. The roofs in this structure have over 40,000 computer controlled LEDs that can be changed to display the optimal lighting. One of the roofs is actually the Guinness World Record holder for longest cantilever roof, which is a roof that is only anchored by one beam or vertical column. This building has a lot of unique objects that are of many different shapes and waves.


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2 Responses

  1. This is one of the most unique buildings I have ever seen. I find it interesting that from the outside looking in, you would have no idea what this building is used for with all of its different shapes and waves. This is definitely a building I would like to visit sometime with its extraordinary attractions.

  2. I agree, this is a very unique building that I would like to visit sometime. I am also curious how the roof/lights would affect the movie you are watching. I am also interested in how the waves on the walls and roof affect the sound from the film.

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