Coophimmelblau: BMW Welt

Aufnahme Datum Oktober 2007

This $200 million structure was completed in 2007 and added to the BMW Tower located in Munich, Germany. This building is very modern, that wows the visitors, as much as the new cars BMW produces. This structure added a museum and entertainment center that brings in over 650,000 people each year. These visitors can visit the museum to look at all the old BMW cars, plus new innovative cars that BMW has to offer, or will offer in the near future. As most buildings designed by Coophimmelblau, the BMW Welt does not have very many flat, bland surfaces, but rather many curvy and wavy shapes throughout the building’s walls and ceilings. In addition, this building is very environmentally friendly, by having many solar panels on the roof and is naturally ventilated using the unique architectural features that cause air to flow between the positive and negative pressures that the architectural features create. Although there is a ventilation system present in the building, the architectural features help keep that air circulating and bringing new air in. The all-glass façade also brings in a tremendous amount of natural light, not to mention the very sleek finish it provides. This building is a high tech, contemporary building housing some high tech, futuristic cars.

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