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To the admin and to Professor Boeck :

I am noticing that whenever I make a post, or when I comment on another post, the time the site says I did this is off. For example, I posted a comment on the Colosseum post at 9:45-ish pm (I didn’t pay attention to the exact time, but I do know it was right around then) on May 3rd, but the site says I posted it at 2:51 am on May 4th. Then I went and checked my first 6 blog posts, which I posted between 9pm and 10 pm on May 3rd (I understand it is late in the semester for my first posts. I’ve had these written for a while now but was struggling to access the website), and they all say I posted them on May 4th. Even now, I look at my pc’s clock, and it says 11:00pm, May 3rd. However, the time the draft for this post was last saved now says “4:01:12 am.” I thought I should bring this to you all’s attention in case any students post their blogs a few hours before the deadline.

-Andrew Calvert

ou create website issue

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