Community Christian School

Community Christian School is a private K-12 school located on Broce Dr. in Norman, OK. I attended CCS 5th-12th grade, graduating in 2013. Although they have since built a new high school building, and renovated the existing building to make it nicer for elementary and junior high students, I will be writing about the buildings as they were when I attended.

There are two very distinctive features that you can’t help but notice when approaching CCS: there are NO windows (okay, there are 3, in the entire building) and it is a giant block of ugly concrete. These features make anyone within the vicinity, inside or outside, uncomfortable. From within, you have no idea how much time has passed. Despite the reasonably high ceilings, within the building it is easy to feel miserable and claustrophobic from being separated from the sun. The thick concrete exterior gives the building the feel of a prison or factory, not a fun environment in which to learn.

My experiences at CCS were not really positive or negative as far as the actual education. However, the building was thoroughly unenjoyable. The only thing keeping the building from being absolutely overwhelming is copious amounts of fluorescent lighting, creating a very artificial feeling environment. Overall, it serves the purpose of an educational facility, but makes students and parents alike feel uncomfortable from its poor design.

CCS Sign CCS Corner streetview

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