College of Allied Health


The College of Allied Health at University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is the newest building that houses classrooms on that campus. Some people who go there call it “The Palace” because of how nice it is and all of the technology and resources it houses. Tour guides there say it is built in a similar style to the Gaylord College of Journalism. The interior design is done in a way that relates it to many Norman campus buildings so students can still feel connected to the other campus. I have toured it and went to events there a few different times and it always makes a positive impression on me.  Every time I tour it I envision its spot on the pathway to my future career. The classrooms are much smaller than ones on the Norman campus and the setting seems more intimate and family related. They are all functional and unique to their specific purposes. For instance, the labs have large windows to allow for natural lighting and the hallways have built in lockers since the students stay in the same building with many books all day long. Technology, classroom set-up and many other details make this a special building in my opinion.

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  1. Great write up, that is one of my favorite buildings on the OUHSC campus as well. I really do enjoy that they know you will be there for such long periods of time, so they put in the extra effort to make it more accommodating for every student.

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