CMA CGM Headquarters

This tower is the headquarters for a shipping firm called CMA CGM (Compagnie Générale Maritime) located in Marsielle, France. Zaha Hadid completed this 142.8 meter tall tower in September of 2011. Architects who designed it say it has a sense of movement about it. I would agree with that idea, the base starts out wide to support the tall structure then tapers in as the height increases. It is interesting to look at especially compared to a typical rectangular, tall skyscraper. The purpose of building it in such a format is to let it stand tall and be an iconic skyscraper while still blending with elements of the city it stands in by sprawling out at the base where all of the bustling activity happens. At first glance I even thought the top of the building flared back out again, but that is just an illusion! The shape of the dark glass in the middle draws the eye in a way to incorrectly perceive the skyscraper as having a vertical flare at the top.

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