Charnley-Persky House

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The Charney-Pensky House is a historic Chicago landmark designed by Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright. It was finished in 1892 and took on many new forms of modern architecture of it’s time. Sullivan and Wright veered away from the common Victorian style of this time, and designed this house to be one of a kind. This residence was originally built for a man named James Charnley and his family, but today it is operated as a museum and hosts annual meetings for The Society of Architectural Historians.

It has faced various necessary restorations over the years, but still hold true to it’s original architectural design. The exterior shows a plain brick and bright wooden door. Then there are pillars above that lead your eyes to the flat topped building with detailed ornamentation. My favorite aspects are on the inside of this historic house though because each room holds a new shade from the sun with unique wooden designs along every wall.

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  1. Jared says:

    cool structure. I also like the designs on the walls.

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