Castle at DisneyWorld

IMG_1241┬áThis one might seem a little silly, but nevertheless this is a picture I took of the castle at DisneyWorld a few months ago. I put this on here because all of my life my aunt and uncle have lived in Orlando so when whenever we visited them (which was fairly often) we would also go to the Disney parks and I always enjoyed each time we went out there. {Not to mention the architectural work on the castle itself is spectacular!} Whether it be riding the roller coasters, walking through the worlds at Epcot, seeing the animals at Animal Kingdom, or seeing the fireworks at night over the castle, I will forever enjoy going back to Disney. Oh, and staying with my aunt in their Florida house on a lake with jet skis and a pool was all right too I guess. All in all, I’ll always look forward to making our trips to Orlando because spending time with family, heading to the beach, or going back to DisneyWorld are all things that have been a positive part of my childhood.

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