Canadian Parliament, Ottawa, Canada

The Canadian Parliament, in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Ontario, is a neo-gothic style building completed in 1868. Fun fact: the choice of neo-gothic style which includes British architectural elements (notable in the parliamentary library) was to emphasize Canadian ties to Great Britain, since it is a member of the Commonwealth. Unfortunately, the Parliament suffered a fire in 1916. Reconstruction began a few months later, under plans by architects John Pearson and Jean-Omer Marchand. The rebuilt building was completed in 1928.

I’ve lived a couple of years of my childhood in Canada. The impression the building left me every time I saw it (which was quite often, actually) was one of curiosity. The Parliament building is big, but certainly not as much as the United States Capitol. How could a building such as the former exert such political power on a nation? It’s interesting to note the scales, for purely comparative purposes.

That said, I thoroughly enjoy walking around the Parliament Hill (which is – you guess it – the hill on which the Parliament building is located, adjacent to the river) because it’s a neat outdoor area with benches, trees, and a path that follows the course of the river.

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