Burj Khalifa

Dubai - 2014

Like Professor Boeck, I am also amazed at the magnificence of the Burj Khalifa. I visited the largest mall in the world (directly behind me taking this picture), but it’s vast size is nothing compared to the tallest building. To me, the Burj Khalifa represents what Dubai is about. This lavish city is unlike any of its kind, and prides itself in being luxurious, large, and full of life. It is a city of firsts, and there isn’t a better way to represent Dubai’s people and culture than with this building.

I have experienced this masterpiece twice: on land and in air. Both views are the remarkable, but there is something magical about whirring above the top of the building from a helicopter. Although from below, I felt small and insignificant compared to the engineering feat before me.

My trip to Dubai is definitely something that I will never forget, and the massive size of the Burj Khalifa is still ingrained in my mind.

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3 Responses

  1. dave boeck says:

    its amazing from any view

  2. Tyler Fisher says:

    I definitely need to visit Dubai. This building looks amazing.

  3. I agree, this building looks amazing and lavish from the outside, and I will definitely visit this building if I ever make it to Dubai. I just wonder how spectacular the view is from inside the building and from the top.

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