Bruce Goff – John Frank House

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The Frank House was designed by architect Bruce Goff along with John and Grace Lee Frank, the founders of Frankoma Pottery. The house was designed to showcase the ceramic work of John Frank and his Frankoma Pottery factory. The Franks had a modest budget but wanted to create something unique so they hired Bruce Goff.  Structurally, Goff created the plan on a circular motif. The center point of the circle is in the driveway on the entry side of the house, and the entire plan of the house is based on arcs that all share this center point. He also designed it in a way that the house was one room with folding partitions that can be deployed to create separate areas.The circular plan creates a welcoming and formal entry area that is hidden from the street.The partitions do not extend to the ceiling, so there is always a sense that the house is actually one continuous curving room.  The entry facade features two circular brick volumes, which respectively contain bathrooms and closets. The covered the interior and exterior with hundreds of colorful ceramic tiles designed by Frank and Goff, and made by the Frankoma factory. Grace Lee Frank hand painted and glazed every tile, each one requiring three coats.


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