Bridge Pavilion


The Bridge Pavilion, also named Pabellon Puente, is located in Zaragoza Spain. Zaha Hadid designed it for Expo 2008. It is 280 meters long with the purpose of connecting the exposition site to the neighborhood La Almozara by spanning the River Ebro. The bridge itself has dual purposes as it is also an exhibition area with large amounts of people visiting it by the hour during the world exhibition. The bridge is enveloped with fiber glass reinforced concrete and the outer skin is covered in 29,000 triangles of fibreC. The theme of Expo 2008 in Zaragoza was Water and Sustainable Development. The cladding is inspired by shark scales so this is an example of biomimicry. The layout of the panels and the ability of some of them to rotate position creates a natural microclimate in the interior. Openings in the shell create opportunities for the Cierzo wind to flow inside the bridge cooling off its guests. This adds sustainability to the bridge. This was the first bridge project ever completed by Zaha Hadid and I think it is a very good one!

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