BOK Center

I’m from Tulsa, so it only seems right to do my first post about a building that’s located in my hometown.  The BOK Center is the huge event center located in the heart of Downtown Tulsa.  It’s hard to miss it if you ever drive around the IDL.  The 4,000 ton steel structure that César Pelli designed has a very interesting style about it.  It’s a circular building that incorporates walls and sides of the building that jut out in an odd, yet uniform pattern.  This building has always been sort of a magical place for me. The outside appearance glimmers in the sunlight, reflecting our beautiful Oklahoma skies.  Then when you go inside, all the massive windows allow that amazing Oklahoma sunlight in where you can really admire the intricate designs that hold up this structure.  I have seen so many of my favorite artists here and any time I go to a concert it’s like a religious experience for me.  So being able to have these moments in this amazing building makes even more special for me. bok-center-day

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  1. I had no idea that such an artistic building existed in Oklahoma. You wouldn’t happen to know if those walls are painted silver or is that a bare metal finish? Very nice picture too, completely captures the Oklahoma sky you mentioned.

  2. Tyler Fisher says:

    I agree with everything you said. I’m from Broken Arrow, and the BOK is definitely one of the coolest places to go in the Tulsa area.

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