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I’m not from Oklahoma, but I saw that my architect had a building in Tulsa and felt I should post about it. This arena has a swirling shape and stands out in Tulsa. I guess this is what Tulsa wanted and they picked the right guy for the job. From what I read the stadium’s swirl is supposed to represent the Arkansas river and the Tulsa highways. I’m not sure I really see how that is tied into the building, but I don’t really have an eye for that kind of thing. I’m sure its exactly what Tulsa wanted. I like that it has this different look, because it helps it to stand out from other arenas and stadiums throughout the states. This can help attract people and bring in revenue for the city. Another thing that is really cool about this building, is that the architect ensured the building was ready for tornados. The glass windows can withstand 100 mph winds. Thats always a good thing when you live in Oklahoma.

Bok center pic

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  1. I completely agree with this post. I am from Oklahoma City, and although I haven’t been to the BOK Center many times, the few times I have it has left an impact. It is a very unique building, but very intriguing. Also, I did not know that this building was fully prepared for tornados with all of its glass buildings, which I find very interesting.

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