Blog #1 – Dale Hall

Dale Hall

Dale Hall

I chose to write about Dale Hall because it is a very historic building on campus built in 1967 named after Edward Everett Dale. The building is located near the corner of Lindsey and Elm street. This building’s intended purpose on this campus is mainly for classrooms. There are several large lecture halls in this building. When you enter this building, there isn’t much to it. The walls are mainly white added with wood framing and wood doors and not much else. This building’s intended use is for learning, however other on campus activities happen in the classrooms because of its large size.

-Bradley Pettijohn

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2 Responses

  1. Dale Hall is infamous for its large classrooms that are practically falling apart. In order to make this a better learning environment for students, OU should hire an architect to revamp the building. Remodeling on the inside to replace the ’60s wood paneling and changing the lighting would make the space feel more inviting.

  2. Sara Smith says:

    Even though I would characterize Dale Hall as one of the least attractive buildings on campus, it is still one of my favorites. I am a psychology major and therefore have many classes in Dale, especially the basement area. The architectural style is very reflective of the period it was constructed and I like that it is part of OU’s history. Seeing the university being made of up many different pieces throughout the years to make one entirety is cool to me.

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