Bizzell Library

Bizzell Library

Bizzell Library

The Bizzell Library is the architectural gem on the University of Oklahoma’s campus. Named after former university president (1925-41) William Bizzell the structure stands 5 stories above the earth as well as two underground stories. Notable special book collections, highly advanced technology, a coffee shop, and 5 million works of literature are the reasons why this building has influenced me in a positive way. Whenever I think of the Bizzell Library the feeling that comes to mind is of all the sleepless pre-final nights in the grand reading room, the numerous team projects that were hashed out in the collaborative learning center, and finally the memories shared in the “The Stacks”.

Attending the University of Oklahoma entails rigorous final exams that require many intense hours of studying, personally my favorite study spot is the Collaborative Learning Center located on the first subterranean floor of the library. Here I have spent hundreds of hours hovering over a laptop and notes with the hopes of defeating a strenuous exam or preparing an earth shattering presentation. Reflecting on these past memories leaves a happy feeling inside because this grand structure plays a significant role in my education at the university.

When I first encountered the structure I was at Camp Crimson, ironically I was in the Bizzell group and our leaders wanted to get a group picture in front of the building. Approaching from the south oval I was greeted with the gothic beauty of early 1900s construction, the weather on that magnificent day was astonishing [for Oklahoma] sunny and in the 80s. I got to experience the full beauty of the building on my first visit. After being architecturally blown away we preceded to take a tour of the building followed by our group pictures.


Morgan Mays

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