Bitexco Financial Tower

Bitexco_Financial_Tower_20022012_croppedThis 68 floored skyscraper is located in Ho Chi Minh City, designed by Carlos Zapata Studio, Jean-Marie Duthilleul, Etienne Tricaud, and AREP. This is the tallest building within the city and was inspired by the national flower, the Lotus. There is a helipad located on the 52nd floor while there is an observation deck on the 49th floor. There is not just office spaces, but retail and restaurants. I was able to see this building on my visit back to Ho Chi Minh City to visit family. I went during Christmas break, which allowed me to be there for New Years. I went to the outskirts of the downtown region, because the closer you got, the more packed it was. There was a crazy amount of fireworks that shot off of that building so it made a pretty lasting impression on me.

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