AT&T Stadium – Dallas

AT&T Stadium AT&T Stadium Inside

The AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys is sometimes called the 8th wonder of the world and I think it has earned some credit for that. Since I am from Dallas it was sad to see the old cowboys stadium destroyed but all my feelings were replaced when I saw the finished AT&T Stadium, it is one of the most futuristic and space-ship looking buildings exteriorly I know of and is one monumental piece of architecture. My first time visiting the stadium, it glowed with many lights when I approached and upon entering I was immediately hit with the true scale of the building. It opens up right away and I could see several floors with many concession stands and bar and eating areas.  It was a shocking experience to me at all the things the building had to offer besides the given event it was hosting so I still have yet to see all that is there, so I look forward to going back many more times in the future in order to see the rest of the building.

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