AT&T Stadium


AT@T stadium is located in Arlington Texas despite being home to the Dallas Cowboys NFL football team. A unique feature about the building is that it has a  retractable roof. When closed this allows a football game to be completely indoors, unlike many other NFL stadiums which do not have the luxury of a retractable roof, and are exposed to the outdoor elements. When built the Stadium had the largest video display in the world. Unfortunately the video display has since been beat, and is no longer the largest. I guess it’s time to build a whole new stadium that will fit an even bigger video display. Back to seriousness though, the video display is criticized as already being too big, as many fans who sit in the upper deck are basically paying money to watch a giant television. Whats even sadder is the fans cant even say they are paying to watch the biggest video display in the world. What a drag.

I have been to the stadium at least three times. I have watched an NFL game, college football game, and taken a tour of the stadium. The first time I saw the stadium I was amazed. The stadium looks stunning, and when you enter you can tell everything is state of the art. I thought the giant video display was awesome, and found it hard not to focus on it even though I could still see the game going on below me pretty well. I would only recommend taking a tour of the stadium. The price to any game in ridiculous, and taking a tour is satisfying enough. Plus with a tour you can see things, and go places in the stadium you wouldn’t be able to on game day. This has become a land mark for me when I visit Arlington Texas, and is always cool to see.

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