Arrowhead Stadium

Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs is a structure that I will not forget. I had the privilege of attending a game in Arrowhead Stadium in 2013. To this day it was the best environment I have ever got to witness. The stadium has the appeal of a new, modern stadium on the outside and is clean and well put together on the inside. Once entering the tunnel to enter inside to where the field is, the stadium is overwhelmingly large. There is no roof on the stadium so everything is wide opened and football is played outdoors – the way it supposed to be played. The bowl of the stadium moves out and gets wider as it gets taller. It is designed perfectly and allows for maximum sound to be produced throughout the structure. There is a sea of red all around amplifying the green color of the field even more. It is a true football stadium that makes me feel like I am right in the game and that the crowd really is making a difference. I hope that I get to see a game played in this stadium once again so that I can have the same feeling of happiness I did three years ago.


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