Amundsen South Pole Station

Okay, so this place would be hell for me! But ta the same time it would still be exciting to explore. Either way it is an inspirational building for what goes on there. They do Astrophysical experiments there along with alot of drastic colt equipment testing. It was built in 1956 and was the first permanent structure near the south pole by the United States. The station does not sit in any time zone. It only sees one 6 month night and only one 6 month day a year, and during that long 6 month night period the temperature can get as low as -99 degrees Fahrenheit. Its was elevated in order to avoid being berried in snow. Over time sections will start to sink in, even in times un-evenly, it is then jacked at the columns and the column will have an added permanent piece.


south pole

Flags fly at the ceremonial South Pole in front of the Elevated Station in honor of the 12 original signatory nations of the Antarctic Treaty. The flags are set in a semicircle and are spaced about 1.5 meters (5 feet) apart. The US flag is directly flanked by the Norwegian (grid east) and British (grid west) flags in honor of Amundsen and Scott. The remainder of the flags are represented in the order of their signing the Antarctic Treaty. The nations represented include: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Russia, New Zealand, Norway, USA, UK, France, Japan, Belgium, and South Africa. (February 2008)

Flags fly at the ceremonial South Pole in frontĀ 

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