Alvaro Siza – The Building on the Water


The Building on the Water, designed by Alvaro Siza, is located in Industrial Park, Huaian City, Jiangsu, China. It was finished in 2014, but it took over four years to design and build. The concept of the building was to seamlessly blend the most important element in the manufacturing of glass, which is water, at the same time establishing a world class architectural profile. Over water construction was new for Siza. The building was built with white exposed concrete, and measures over 300 meters in lengths rising two levels above water. The design takes full advantage of the natural light with many windows. Being on the water, the building appears to change color depending on how much light hits the lake below. The curves of this building are elegant, and the beauty of this building can easily be seen by land or air. Although this building is different than many of Siza’s other works, I still think it is great. The curve of the building is unlike anything I’ve seen before. The water feels like it is part of the building itself, and adds to the design of the building.

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