Altus High School

A building that changed and influenced my life for the better is Altus High School. I transferred to Altus High School my sophomore year of high school and never looked back. I believe that I got a better education than I would have at my previous high school. One of my first encounters with the school was the very first day of classes. I was overwhelmed but excited. This school gave me the opportunity to join the swim team and also take multiple art classes. These things were not provided at the school I went to my freshman year, so this was a huge influence on my life. To this day, I still swim and create art, so I am very thankful I had the opportunity to experience these at the Altus High School Building. The building was completed in 1904 and had a graduate by 1908. The building is made of brick and has recently been revised and added onto. I wouldn’t have been able to do all of those things if it weren’t for the building.



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