Altus High School


During my freshman year of high school a multi million dollar redesign was started in order to upgrade Altus’ only high school.  The redesign updated all of the classrooms and made the entire school easier to navigate.  Before the redesign, students were forced to walk across the street for some classes because the school simply did not have enough space.  The new school was designed in the shape of a ‘U’ with the center acting as our courtyard during lunch.   Every classroom got new projectors and computers for the students to use.   The hallways were filled with blue and white tile to compliment the blue trim…it was somehow still hideous.  Like most people I have positive and negative memories of high school.  One morning after an ice storm I remember watching this poor girl bust her ass down the outside staircase.  During the redesign those stairs were finally removed.  Good riddance.

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