Aldo Rossi – Borgorrico Town Hall

Aldo Rossi submitted in 1983 a design for the new town hall in the municipality of Borgorrico, situated roughly 30 kilometers northwest of Venice. The town hall was completed in 1990. Aestethically, the building is quite similar to the Bonnefanten Museum in that it has large elements built with bricks and featuring large window panes. The complex also has what appears to be a brick smokestack-like structure in the front, which provides an axis of symmetry in a vertical plane. The other side features an open space, although I am not sure what its use is.

Artsy take on the front side of the Borgoricco Town Hall.

As a whole, the building is not representative of what I would anticipate or expect when someone says “town hall in Italy”. It definitely is a curious place – though I don’t find it fitting for such an environment.


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